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Ear examination & advice


Wax clearance (microsuction)


Diagnostic hearing test

Middle ear function test (tympanogram)

(Included in diagnostic hearing test if indicated)

Hearing aids


Hearing aid clean and service (basic)

Hearing aid full service & overhaul (all makes & models)

Hearing aid review consultation

(Not including hearing assessment)

Balance function testing and rehabilitation

Noise protection and custom fit audio headphones



Swimming/water protection

'Impressions only' - ear health check & impression taking service for use with third party products

(e.g. Cerezen TMJ, custom headphone & ear products)


Home visits




Free (assessment of hearing function is chargeable - see pricing below). 







A full range of top quality hearing aids is available.  Prices for new devices & servicing or repairs of existing devices are dependant on requirements, but we strive to be competitively priced.



Dependant on work required - quotation provided before any work is carried out.


£95 - £320 dependant on requirements.

Dependant on requirements. Please contact us with your specific needs for a personalised quote.


Our standard range of swimming protection is £25 per pair of custom fitting, floatable* plugs.  A premium range option is also available at £80 per pair of custom fitting, floatable* plugs.



A standard travel charge of £20 is added for home visits.  For distances greater than 10 miles from our Sale office, an additional mileage charge of 45p per mile is added.  For distances greater than 30 miles, or more than half an hours travelling time from our Sale offices, individual travel expenses may be agreed. 


*The majority of our swim plugs float in water, however some of the avaialable designs do not.  The characteristics of your chosen plugs will be explained prior to purchase but please discuss this with our staff if you are in any doubt. 


The prices listed above are for standard, self-pay clients.  Treatments arranged by or for medical insurers or other third parties may be higher due to additional requirements and/or increased administrative costs.