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Noise protection plugs


Prolonged, or even short term, exposure to high levels of noise are known to be a signifcant risk factor for hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  Whether the individual is exposed to noise as part of their employment - such as in the construction industry - or through leisure activities - such as at amplified concerts, nightclubs, shooting or motorcycling - there is a risk of permanent hearing loss and/or tinnitus.


Reducing the level of noise is proven to reduce and even eliminate the risk of ear damage.  There are many varieties of ear protection and a suitable solution can usually be found for any set of circumstances.


Custom fitting ear plug protection ensures a comfortable and effective reduction in noise levels.  The degree of noise reduction can be selected to suit particular needs and the finished product is a high quality, custom fitting ear plug made to each clients indiviual and specific requirements.


The process:


  1. The ear is examined for excessive ear wax, foreign body or abnormality which may prevent plugs being made.
  2. If ear wax removal is required, this can usually be done immediately at the same appointment (there is an additional charge for this service).
  3. A small sponge plug is inserted into the ear canal to keep the ear drum and deeper canal safe during the impression procedure.
  4. Silicon impression material is the syringed gently into the ear canal.  This hardens and is removed after around five minutes, creating an impression of the ear.
  5. The finished noise plug is manufactured from this impression and is normally delivered within five weeks.
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A normal ear drum


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An impression is taken


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The finished noise plug